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Starting this month, you’ll be able to taste Kenyan Coffee in Grind stores throughout London. Our new Kenyan filter features the distinctive character of Kiandu with gentle undertones of blood orange and peach-like sweetness. It's super complex, vibrant and very distinctly Kenyan.

This exciting new flavour of coffee was brought in from the Kiandu station, in Tetu, Nyeri, just three hours drive north of Nairobi, Kenya. What’s unique about this particular Kenyan coffee is that it is purely grown by local farmers who own small areas of land on which they grow their own food and livestock. This plays an important role in sustainability and creating livelihoods for people living in rural Kenya. Once shipped, the coffee is roasted in our London roastery, before making its way to you.

Since opening in Shoreditch in 2011, Grind has burned the candle at both ends to serve coffee, food and cocktails to a killer soundtrack. Currently, there are eleven cafe-bars and restaurants all in prime central London locations, as well as its coffee roastery and an international-grade recording studio.

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A Coffee as Unique as Kenya Itself

Our sustainability and social responsibility are a key part of our business practice, and have become increasingly important to us through our growth. We are absolutely committed to making sure that everyone involved in the production of our coffee receives fair pay for their produce, or for their labour - and our involvement in the process to ensure this is only going to increase as we continue to grow.

A key focus has always been reducing waste to landfill, and in 2017 we partnered with Bio-bean, an award-winning clean technology company. Utilising the used waste from our coffee, their process recycles waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels as well as biochemical products and biomass pellets that can be burnt industrially for fuel.

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